Character Creation

Races Professions Classes Guilds Organizations Unions

Step One: First Name

Step Two: Last Name (Bloodline)

Step Three: Gender

Step Four: Attributes (Point System)

Ability Score Costs

Score Points   Score Points
7 -2   13 4
8 -1   14 6
9 0   15 8
10 1   16 10
11 2   17 13
12 3   18 17
Points: Copper 15 Silver 18 Gold 21 Platinum 25

Step Five: Alignment                                           

Lawful Good   Neutral Good   Chaotic Good
Honor and Compassion   Good without Bias   Good Heart and Free Spirit
Lawful Neutral   Neutral   Chaotic Neutral
Reliable and Honorable   True Neutral   Free Spirit
Lawful Evil   Neutral Evil   Chaotic Evil
Methodical and Diabolical   Evil without Bias   Destroyer of Life

Step Six: Race & Subrace

See: Races

Step Seven: Patron

Step Eight: Languages

Step Nine: Profession or Class

Step Ten: Skills and Feats (As Available)

Step Eleven: Physical Attributes

Step Twelve: Starting Citizenship