Organizations of Opes

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Organizations are the collections of like specialists in order to enhance their skills through prestige classes. More will be added as the Organizations are founded and requested. Below is the ones currently available, once one is chosen and established it will be removed from the list and it will be up to those members to expand the organizations to other parts of the world.

In order to establish an organization you must meet all prerequisites for the prestige class and have the MNDP available to build the Headquarters. No one will be able to have a prestige class until the organizations are founded. Custom Organizations can also be created.

  Prestige Class Notes Basic Reference
Coming Soon Magus Archer   DMG - Arcane Archer
Coming Soon Magus Bandit   DMG - Arcane Trickster
Coming Soon Magus Knight   DMG - Eldritch Knight
Coming Soon Archmage   DMG - Archmage
Coming Soon Assassin   DMG - Assassin
Coming Soon Beastmaster   CA - Beastmaster
Coming Soon Dark Knight   DMG - Blackguard
Coming Soon Dragon   Dracanomicon - Dragonkith
Coming Soon Dragon Rider   Dracanomicon
Coming Soon Dragon Slayer   Dracanomicon
Coming Soon Dungeon Delver   CA
Coming Soon Dwarven Knight   DMG - Dwarven Defender
Coming Soon Hierophant   DMG - Hierophant
Coming Soon Loremaster DMG - Loremaster
Coming Soon Master Alchemist   MoF - Master Alchemist
Coming Soon Master of Many Forms   CA - Master of Many Forms
Coming Soon Master of Radiance Libris Mortis
Coming Soon Mystic Theurge   DMG
Coming Soon Pale Master   Libris Mortis
Coming Soon Sacred Purfier   Libris Mortis
Coming Soon Spellfire Channeler   MoF
Coming Soon Shadowdancer   DMG
Coming Soon Thaumaturgist   DMG
Coming Soon True Necromancer   Libris Mortis
Coming Soon Undead Slayer   Custom
Coming Soon Undead Master   Custom